Music Academies

The MONSTER PIANO is sure to be a hit at any music academy. Kids love the challenge of the MONSTER PIANO and hardly notice that they're learning as they play! It painlessly lends itself to teaching music theory, ear training, note recognition, rhythm and composition. From running through your scales, hopping your arpeggios to playing key and note name activities, your students will learn almost effortlessly.

Research shows that ten minutes of rhythmic aerobic activity before a cognitive task leads to greater success at that task. It appears that movement opens up a direct channel to the brain which then becomes more like a sponge — improving absorption, processing, integration, and retention. Also, many teachers believe it is easier for students to learn on a macro level with their whole body and then bring it down to a micro level. What better way to start than by bouncing from key to key on a 20-foot working keyboard? The MONSTER PIANO is great for groups of all sizes. Whether it is an individual lesson or an ensemble, there is fun to be had by everyone.

Preschools and Daycares

A child's world is a physical one. Daily movement is one of the major ways young children learn and interact with the world. Movement helps develop the brain, nervous system and muscles, encouraging both physical and cognitive development.

Teachers are constantly looking for fun and challenging ways to channel a child's neverending energy into productive and engaging activities. With its different tempos and sounds, the MONSTER PIANO engages children in new and delightful ways. By changing the tones, tempo or lights, children are constantly finding new ways of making music and having fun while doing it.