Monster Piano

NEW OPTION! Lighted Keys

Over the years the request we've had the most is to light the keys. We are pleased to offer super bright lighted keys with our Pianos! The piano is able to light keys to any color. It is available for addition to both the full size monster pianos and the Mini. This feature costs $1000 per octave to add to the Piano.

The colors don't appear well in the video. Lighted keys requires a slightly different construction method and additional electronics. It may not be added to in-progress or completed pianos.

Monster Piano Sizes

The Monster Piano is a BIG piano, so big you play it with your feet. Each Octave is 4 feet. A three octave piano is 12 feet, and a set of five octaves is 20 feet long. The piano can be purchased by the octave, but the ideal set is either a three octave or five octave layout. The piano is made of tough acrylic and designed for long term use.

The Monster Piano Package comes complete with:

The Mini Monster Piano

Mini Monster

The Mini Monster is a smaller two-octave that is approximately 7 feet long with 5 inch wide keys. 25 keys (treble "C" key not shown in the photo). It was expressly designed with children in mind. The Mini Monster does everything the massive Monster Piano does, but it does it all for less cost.

The manufacturer suggested retail price of the Mini Monster Piano is $9,500 USD. At an additional cost, you may also customize the number of keys on a Mini Monster to fit where you need it. The Mini Monster is available with up to 29 keys.

Software Features:

Monster Software Control

Monster Piano The Monster Piano is generally sold in either three (3) or five (5) octave units. We've tested our electronics for 7 octaves and would love for you to be the first to own one!

The middle octave contains the computer, power supplies and interconnection circuitry. The left and right octaves contain the speakers. The additional octaves contain the connecting circuitry. Each Octave is 4 feet by 4 feet 7 inches by 6 inches high and they can be disconnected from each other. Each octave is a separate unit and weighs about a hundred pounds. Two people can easily move a Piano. The Monster Piano can play on any flat level floor (any hard surface or low pile commercial carpet). The octaves are easily plugged together and are aligned with clips and screws that make setup and removal very easy.

The operation of the Monster Piano is very simple. The piano has built in WIFI that allows users to connect via any internet capable device. The users can control all the functions, learning software, and games in the piano from their iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC tablet or desktop computer.

Purchase Price

Mini Monster (2 octave) . .

$9,500 USD

36 Key Piano (3 octave) . .

$14,000 USD

60 Key Piano (5 octave) . .

$21,000 USD

84 Key Piano (7 octave) . .

$28,000 USD